Feeding baby Evivo is so easy, you can even do it while holding your baby.  Simply mix 1 sachet of Evivo probiotic powder with  3-5 ml* of breast milk in the Evivo mixing bowl provided. Then dropper-feed the mixture to baby, using the enclosed syringe to draw the mixture from the bowl.

As you get more comfortable with it, you can dab the mixture on a finger to feed baby. Some moms mix Evivo with breast milk into a paste and use their finger to scoop/dab the mixture directly into the baby’s mouth. Others mix Evivo and breast milk in the Evivo sachet and then apply directly on the breast to feed baby while nursing. Some moms prefer feeding Evivo to their baby with a bottle. We do not recommend putting Evivo directly into a bottle because if it is not finished then the full amount of Evivo will not be administered. Reheating a bottle containing Evivo may affect product quality. However, if your baby does finish the bottle in a single sitting, this may be a feeding option for you. 

Do whatever works best for you- what’s important is that baby successfully takes Evivo!

*for newborns or infants who cannot tolerate a 3-5 ml volume in one feeding, consider making a thin paste with Evivo powder using a small amount of breastmilk or water, and use a finger to feed directly to baby or apply to the nipple during feeding.