We store Evivo in a freezer at our distribution center and cool-ship it to you via 2-Day delivery in an insulated package to ensure quality standard with a minimum of 8 billion CFU per sachet. Because of our high standards, we overpack each sachet by over a billion CFUs before shipping! This ensures you always get the minimum of 8 billion CFUs per sachet for maximum potency.     We try to minimize time spent in extreme temperatures, but, don’t worry, Evivo can withstand a wide range of temperatures through the hottest and coldest seasons, keeping it ready for baby. When you receive the order, the cool-shipped packs may no longer be cool to the touch and may even be warm, but do not worry, even if the packs have warmed, you can still get your baby started on Evivo. Each sachet of Evivo is specially packed and sealed in an airtight sachet that keeps out air, moisture, and light, completely protecting the live bacteria.