Evivo contains no additives, no artificial colors or dyes, no artificial flavors, and no preservatives. Plus, it’s gluten-free. Our goal is to add only the components that you'd expect to find in the healthy gastrointestinal tract of an infant. 



Evivo has only two ingredients: lactose which is the main sugar found in breast milk, and B. infantis EVC001, the active culture.  Our lactose is at minimum 99.5% pure but it may contain a very small amount of milk protein. The lactose in Evivo is derived from dairy products that do not contain GMO-derived material, and therefore we do not consider it a GMO ingredient.   

 While not added to the final product, non-GMO soy and milk peptones are used during the growth process of B. infantis EVC001.  As a resultEvivo contains milk and residual amounts of soy. 


If soy or milk is a concern, please consult your pediatrician before use.