We do not recommend putting Evivo directly into a bottle because if your baby does not finish the full bottle, they will not receive the full serving of Evivo.  Storing and reheating a bottle containing Evivo is not recommended.   If your baby completely finishes the bottle in a single sitting, this may be a feeding option for you. 

Our starter kit provides parents the tools to get babies started on Evivo. Don’t forget to wash the dishwasher safe bowl and syringe with hot soapy water initially and after each use. Dry completely.

An Evivo sachet can be mixed directly from the freezer or refrigeratior with breast milk, formula, or water and fed once a day.  Only 3-5ml* of liquid is needed, which is a half a teaspoon to a full teaspoon.  You can try adding more breast milk or mixing longer for a milder taste and smoother consistency. Remember, every mom’s milk can vary in consistency. In general, solids dissolve faster in warmer liquids. So, adding Evivo to body- or room- temperature breast milk (versus cold) may help Evivo dissolve faster.

*for newborns or infants who cannot tolerate a 3-5 ml volume in one feeding, consider making a thin paste with Evivo powder using a small amount of breastmilk or water, and use a finger to feed directly to baby or apply to a nipple during feeding.